Hello everyone!

I know that this wiki is not very active at the moment, but whenever you read this, be sure that your help and your opinion are always wished-for!

First of all, let me introduce myself!

My name is Buntschweif and I came across this wiki some months ago. Since there haven't been any active admins for years and I really think that this wiki is a good idea, I have started to add pages and do a make-over on the wiki. 

Which also includes...

...a new main page which matches the rest of the wiki. I tried to adopt the structure of the old page and used new designes for the boxes, but there are still some flaws which I need to iron out. Furthermore, I think that the contents of the main page could also be changed, and that's where it's up to you!

What would you like to put on the new main page?

Whatever ideas you have for the main page or for the wiki in general, just write them in the comment section!



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