Official Languages are the official language for a country or region designated by the government of the area or the head of the organization.


In Africa there are a lot of different languages and dialects, like Arabic, Hausa and Swahili. The former colonial languages English, French, Portuguese and Spanish are often spoken as first or second languages too.


The main languages in North America are English, French and Spanish, while in South America Portuguese and Spanish are the most important languages. There are also a large amount of native languages in South America.


In Asia the native languages are often used as official languages. The most spoken languages are Mandarin, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian and Arabic.


Like in Asia, the native languages are usually the official languages. The most spoken languages are German, Russian, French, English and Italian. Most of the languages spoken in Europe are Indo-European Languages.


English is an official language in most of the countries of Oceania. Other official languages are the native languages and other colonial languages like French.